Lalah Hathaway

lalah+dad She is the daughter of soul singer Donny Hathaway and a classically trained vocalist. Since 1990, she's constantly released the highest quality recordings, showcasing her rich alto/contralto voice, impeccable ear, and learned style. Her fans have come to expect evenings of vocal mastery when she performs, which she does consistently. Her latest release is "Lalah Hathaway LIVE!". Singles, "Angel" & "Little Ghetto Boy" have already made a deep impact via social networks and dedicated fans, rightfully so.

Donny Hathaway's voice is undeniable. His too short career established him as a major changing force in soul music. Artists from Stevie Wonder to Eric Benet, Usher, Anthony Hamilton and Kendrick Lamar have named Donny as a major influence on their music and vocal styles.

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Syleena Johnson

syleena+dad Syleena Johnson is a tour de force, having released 6 full length albums and starred in two hit TV reality programs, R&B Divas: Atlanta & Couples Therapy. Johnson took to music early, growing up not only with a musical father but also listening to influential artists such as Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Tina Turner, The Dells, and Mavis Staples. She would later apply her taste for soul music as a member of her high school gospel choir. Syleena has collaborated with Kanye West, Anthony Hamilton, R.Kelly, & Common, amongst many others. Her latest album is "Chapter 6: Couplezs Therapy".

Syleena's father, Syl Johnson is an underground cult icon. With classics being sampled by a number of rappers including Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Kool G Rap, Hammer, and the Geto Boys, his songs "Is It Because I'm Black" and "Different Strokes", have earned him accolades in the annals of deep soul music.

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Indira Khan

indira+mom She’s the daughter of a living legend, but Indira Khan shows she has strong musical chops of her own. The daughter of Chaka Khan and former member of the Motown act Pretty In Pink has worked with artists ranging from Johnny Gill to Paula Abdul, also fronting the new edition of her mother's former group, Rufus.

Chaka Khan is every woman. With a slew of hits under her belt, and a rabid fan base, Chaka has stayed relevant and in top vocal form for almost 5 decades. Chaka's hits span these decades mercilessly. Songs, "I'm Every Woman", "Tell Me Something Good", "Do You Love What You Feel", "Ain't Nobody", "I Feel For You', "Through The Fire," "Angel", and the list just keeps going on. A pure living legend.

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Lisa Simone

simone+mom As a fierce artist, performer, actor & songwriter, mother & wife, plus having served in the United States Air Force as an engineering assistant, Lisa Simone has a plate full. On top of that, Lisa is the official and unofficial keep of the flame for her mother's broad work and civil influence. With her latest release "All Is Well", Lisa has laid her own legacy down throughout Europe, with strong performances and unforgettable appearances.

Nina Simone was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist. She worked in a broad range of musical styles including classical, jazz, blues, folk, R&B, gospel, and pop. Although her music can be heard worldwide daily via radio, TV ads and film, a recent documentary film, "What Happened, Miss Simone", has brought Simone back into the wide public eye. The film, produced in cooperation with Simone's estate and her daughter, Lisa Simone, has been very well received.

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Sylvyette Phunne Stone

phunne+dad Raw Syl is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in vocals, keyboard, guitar and composition who currently resides somewhere in California. Raw Syl who is known by many names including Phunne (Pronounced: Fun) has cultivated her own unique sound and style. Phunne has been seen performing live with Rufus, Sly Stone and Tevin Campbell as well as headlining appearances with Daughters of Funk and various solo performances around California. Raw Syl is currently working on her next solo project (featuring special guests) which will be a blend of hip hop, funk, R&B, rap and soul.

Born mid December (Sagittarius) into the first family of funk, the origins of Raw Syl is the stuff of legend. Both of her parents are founding members of the revolutionary band, Sly & The Family Stone, whose contributions to modern music and pop culture are undeniable. Her mother, Cynthia Robinson, is the trumpet player and integral part of the Family Stone from its conception to the present day. Her father is the elusive architect of funk, Mr. Sly Stone.

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Kori Withers

kori+dad Kori Withers was born 6 months before the end of the 1970s to Bill & Marcia. She sang choral music at church and in school ensembles before she started writing her own songs. Kori plays piano and guitar, and her music incorporates soul and jazz styles in a pop context. A few of her favorite artists are Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, and Erykah Badu. Kori lives with her chihuahua, Caetano, named after Brazilian singer and composer Caetano Veloso.

Her legendary father, Bill Withers has won 3 Grammy Awards & is a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. His many timeless songs have been placed across all media worldwide, soundtracks, TV, commcercials et al. Songs such as "Lean On Me", "Ain't No Sunshine", "Grandma's Hands" "Just The Two of Us", & "Lovely Day" are the tip of an iceberg of hits, that have reached across borders and generations.

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About DOS

Daughters Of Soul is a celebration of soul. A special two hour collaborative concert of fire, passion and unapologetic sexy soul.
From San Sebastian, Spain to Pori, The Netherlands, & Finland, and from Hackney Theatre, London to Java Jazz in Indonesia.
These shows, which included our sisters in soul Leah McCrae, Joyce Kennedy, Nona Hendryx, Deniece Williams, & Caron Wheeler, have lit up stages around the world.

The Daughters of Soul honor their unforgettable parents, soul icons Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, Chaka Khan, Bill Withers, Sly Stone, & Syl Johnson in their own special way. Daughters Lalah Hathaway, Lisa Simone, Indira Khan, Kori Withers, Syleena Johnson, & Phunne Stone make this amazing line up “Daughters of Soul” a thrilling, dynamic experience. These women are bonded by a similar soul, but all are amazing artists in their own right, each with an individual voice and performance.

DOS Documentary

In 2016, Daughters of Soul will be filmed for their own documentary.
The film project not only verifies that talent and soul are inherent in DNA, but that tells the poignant stories of these ladies, who’ve grown up under some of the most influential names Black American musical culture has ever produced. With only last names, Hathaway, Khan, Withers, Simone, and Stone, memories are stirred in just about everybody with a pulse.
Award winning film company, Zeppers Film TV out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is is in the process of making this historic film a reality.

  • “Such an accumulation of influences biological & professional turns them a dynamic experience that is unfolded in all type of formats (single, pair, trios, to choir...). A vibrant feminine vocal celebration.”
    Diariovasco Magazine
  • “Pure happiness for the ears, the hands and the feet. Because these ladies motivate movement in all directions! Taking turns on stage, they give to the public a splendid lesson in groove. Alternating between renditions of (‘Street Life’, ‘Higher Ground’) and a few originals (…) they boosted the Arena! Never in the annals of the Nice Jazz Festival has there been such an entertaining show of over 2 hours & 15 minutes!”
    Azur Musiques Magazine
  • “Six tigresses scratching from the stage, alternate themselves in wonderful single, pairs and trios. Three of them are star daughters of soul, Simone (Smooth Simone) is daughter of Nina Simone, Lalah Hathaway is daughter of Donny Hathaway and Milini Khan daughter of Chaka Khan. The genetics work.
    El Confidential