posterA Concert For Bill Withers:
40 Years Of Great Music!

The music speaks for itself. The genius creeps upon you as you flip through albums crates, finding treasures of gold, silver, platinum records, international hits that made the songs timeless, and the artist a living legend. Bill Withers.
A man and his guitar came to L.A. in 1967 with a few dollars and a dream. With the help of friends, he made his first demo, which landed him his 1st record deal. "Just As I Am" was released in 1971, 40 years ago this year, and put this shy simple man in the homes and in the hearts of millions worldwide with songs like "Grandma's Hands", a funky remake of "Let It Be" and one of the most requested songs in history, "Ain't No Sunshine" which won him his first Grammy Award.

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Wim Visser - Koninklijk Theater Carré
Strategic Soul Ventures

String arrangements
Wiboud Burkens

Musical Director
Tom Hammer

Bill W. - Andrew Zuckerman
Kori W. - Denise Crew
Sandra St.Victor - Bianca Scharroo
Gentle Voices- Bianca Scharroo
Sabrina Starke - Jeroen van der Ent
Michel van Schie - ©
Marcus Machado - Miripics 2010
Greg Smith - Suet-Wan Tsang
Tom Hammer - No-Rushpics
Michelle David - Bianca Scharroo
Leo Blokhuis - ©
Ricky Koole - Bianca Scharroo
Ryan Shaw - Bianca Scharroo

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